About CEO. Minho Park 

Park is a Korean.
He graduated from college in Korea and has been living in Japan since 2009.
He has been working as a computer software programmer for eight years in Japan, where he has developed automated algorithms for robot cleaners, satellite audio systems for car navigation, and unmanned vehicles.
He started exporting Japanese used cars to the world in 2016, founded E & M Trade in 2017.

ceo. Minho Park

          and his wife Yun.

(She is nail artist in Osaka and they married in 2014)

" for customer's satisfaction.
                       &  for new lifestyle."

 E&M TRADE has exported used cars to worldwide buyers such as South America, South Africa,New Zealand and Papua New Guinea.

 E&M TRADE is Regular member of KANSAI MATSUBARA AUTO AUCTION(KMAA, The closest auction house in Osaka city), IAUC and BAYAUC(the largest class in western Japan).
Regular members of the auction house can participate in the weekly used car auction.

(BAYAUC is currently in discussions. 2018/03)

Japanese used car exporter | E&M Trade | Bay auc image
Japanese used car exporter | E&M Trade | KMAA auction

 E&M TRADE extensive experience of buying cars from the all auctions in Japan give us a clear advantage in meeting our customers needs for high quality Japanese used cars at very reasonable prices. 

"If you have a Japanese used car you want buy,

you can send us your request via e-mail,

and E&M Trade will give you a prompt answer."

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Tel : +81-721-68-7633

FAX : +81-6-7635-7124

Cell Phone : +81-90-3264-2132

e-mail : minho.park@eandm-trade.com


 E&M Trade Co.,Ltd.

(合同会社E&M Trade)


Oaza Shimo Kawachi 882,

Kanan Cho, Minami Kawachi Kun,

Osaka Fu,  Japan

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