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 Buying a quality used or brand new Japanese vehicle from the members of E&M Trade is pretty easy. Just contact us by sending an email message on the link provided here or giving us a call at +81-90-3264-2132.


We also have whatsapp and other social media messenger on this number.

Cell Phone : +81-90-3264-2132

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Before we dig deeper into the process of buying a Japanese vehicle through E&M Trade,

we would like to mention that purchasing a car, truck, bus or van is going to be an important decision you are going to make for a considerable amount of time.


You have to be very careful before you make any commitment with any Japanese car dealer from Japan or elsewhere.

Five Steps To Buy A Vehicle Through E&M Trade

1. Please contact us for information on Japanese used cars or new cars you wish to purchase.

We recommend vehicles that are suitable for detailed conditions such as vehicle type, model year, mileage, color, and budget. and We also provide accurate and prompt information about your inquiries.

2. We Sends You The Proforma invoice including shipping and/or inspection charges etc.

We send you the proforma invoice for your review

3. Negotiate the Amount & Remit the Money Within Four Busiess Days.

If you would like to negotiate the price of the car in question, please send us an email message or call us to express your desire for reducing the price. Once the price is finalized between you and E&M Trade, please remit the money to the bank account mentioned in the final proforma invoice within four business days upon the receipt of the invoice by us.

4. We make The shipping Arrangements and Dispatch the Documents.

Upon confirming the payment to the bank account mentioned in the invoice, we start making the shipping arrangements and sending ou the shipping schdule. Once our freight forwarder prepares the Bill of lading and other export related documents for the car, we will send original copies of the said documents to you at the address provided by you.

5. Receive Your Vehicle upon Submitting The Necessary Diocuments To Your Local Port Authorities.

Upon receiving these documents, please contact your local shipping agent, get their help for preparing all the documents from your side and any duties levied for importing a car from Japan. Once the official procedure is comopleted, please get your car and enjoy the first ride on it with your family and friends.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at your conenience. We will be glad to answer any inquiries you may have regarding the car you receive or any otjher related issue.

"If you want to buy Japanese used cars,
Please send us your request by e-mail,

E&M Trade will give you a prompt answer."

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Cell Phone : +81-90-3264-2132

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